2 days ago Kostya Shishkovmsvideo1enc: fix corner case in box split condition master
2 days ago Kostya Shishkovms/imaadpcmenc: disable encoding to file in tests
2 days ago Kostya Shishkovcore/scale: fix corner case in mediancut palettiser
2 days ago Kostya Shishkovcore/scale: add options support
6 days ago Kostya ShishkovVP8 decoder
6 days ago Kostya Shishkovadd IVF demuxer for VP8 test samples
6 days ago Kostya Shishkovcodec_support/codecs: add negation for MV
6 days ago Kostya Shishkovvp7: split off data for the upcoming VP8 decoder
2021-10-06 Kostya Shishkovcore/scale: support packed YUV formats unpacking
2021-10-06 Kostya Shishkovcore/scale: fix check for checking formats subsampling...
2021-10-06 Kostya Shishkovcodec_support/imgwrite: convert packed YUV format befor...
2021-10-06 Kostya Shishkovrawvideo: calculate stride for packed data properly
2021-10-06 Kostya Shishkovavi: support raw YUV formats
2021-10-06 Kostya Shishkovcore/scale: use BT.601 YUV by default in conversion
2021-10-05 Kostya Shishkovavi: take into account the original orientation for...
2021-10-05 Kostya Shishkovcore/scale: fix flipping of packed video buffer
2021-10-05 Kostya ShishkovImagination Pilots Matte Animation decoder
2021-10-03 Kostya Shishkovadd raw RGB support for AVI
2021-10-02 Kostya Shishkovvp6enc: allow setting codec version
2021-10-02 Kostya Shishkovvp6: handle partial golden frame update in alpha case
2021-09-30 Kostya Shishkovintroduce raw video "codec"
2021-09-30 Kostya ShishkovYUV4MPEG demuxer
2021-09-30 Kostya Shishkovcore/formats: fix offsets in YUV pixel format parsing
2021-09-30 Kostya Shishkovcore/frame: introduce NAVideoBuffer::from_raw_parts()
2021-09-29 Kostya ShishkovVP6 encoder
2021-09-29 Kostya Shishkovavimux: always write positive height in stream properties
2021-09-29 Kostya Shishkovvp6: add test for VP6A
2021-09-22 Kostya Shishkovvp6: mark simple profile as multistream
2021-09-22 Kostya Shishkovvp6: split data into separate module
2021-09-22 Kostya Shishkovvp6: fix alpha support
2021-09-22 Kostya Shishkovcodec_support/imgwrite: flip alpha plane too
2021-08-10 Kostya Shishkovsmc: fix repeat-two-blocks case
2021-08-10 Kostya Shishkovsmc: ignore first byte
2021-08-08 Kostya Shishkovadd MS variant of IMA ADPCM encoder
2021-08-08 Kostya ShishkovMS ADPCM encoder: fix test after sound conversion fixes
2021-08-08 Kostya Shishkovzmbvenc: reduce range for the tests
2021-08-08 Kostya Shishkovmake encoder test functions accept encoder-specific...
2021-08-07 Kostya Shishkovcodec_support: add compress_sample() for IMA ADPCM...
2021-08-07 Kostya Shishkovcodec_support: derive usual traits for IMA ADPCM state
2021-06-27 Kostya Shishkovmsvideo1enc: speed-up encoding a bit
2021-06-26 Kostya Shishkovmsvideo1enc: get rid of small repeated allocation
2021-06-24 Kostya Shishkovmov: mark segments start as seeking points
2021-06-10 Kostya Shishkovmov: serve packets with equal timestamps if possible
2021-06-10 Kostya Shishkovmov: skip iods box
2021-06-03 Kostya Shishkovremove trailing whitespaces
2021-06-03 Kostya Shishkovzmbvenc: export changed palette
2021-06-03 Kostya Shishkovavimux: write palette in stream header and palette...
2021-06-03 Kostya Shishkovcinepakenc: fix multi-strip handling
2021-06-02 Kostya Shishkovape: fix silent block condition
2021-05-30 Kostya ShishkovLegend Entertainment Q format demuxer and decoder
2021-05-22 Kostya ShishkovZip Motion Blocks Video encoder
2021-05-22 Kostya Shishkovscale: allow copying 16-bit frames
2021-05-22 Kostya Shishkovdeflate: allow writing compressed data to byte-aligned...
2021-05-22 Kostya Shishkovcore: support DeflateMode option setting
2021-05-22 Kostya Shishkovdeflate: make Deflate Send-able
2021-05-20 Kostya ShishkovZip Motion Blocks Video decoder
2021-05-20 Kostya Shishkovdeflate: add function for decoding just input chunk
2021-05-20 Kostya Shishkovdeflate: fix copy block length check
2021-05-20 Kostya Shishkovdeflate: better check for zlib header
2021-05-20 Kostya Shishkovdeflate: fix align() in inflate
2021-05-18 Kostya Shishkovnihav_core: add deflate compression
2021-05-18 Kostya Shishkovdeflate: fix zlib stream magic detection
2021-05-13 Kostya Shishkovh264: make debug and release versions of MC functions...
2021-05-12 Kostya Shishkovh264: use 6-bit state_idx in CABAC decoder (this elimin...
2021-04-13 Kostya Shishkovflac: fix header parsing for variable block length...
2021-04-06 Kostya Shishkovavi: do not set PTS for raw PCM with 1/rate timebase
2021-04-06 Kostya Shishkovgdv: audio base is also 1/fps
2021-04-05 Kostya Shishkovcook: build multichannel map
2021-04-05 Kostya Shishkovintroduce all_demuxers and all_{video,audio}_decoders...
2021-04-05 Kostya Shishkovmake tests that rely on external demuxers use only...
2021-04-05 Kostya Shishkovuse MaybeUninit properly
2021-04-04 Kostya Shishkovupdate minimal rustc version in
2021-04-04 Kostya Shishkovfix clippy warnings for update to rustc 1.46
2021-04-04 Kostya Shishkovnihav_registry: fix clippy warnings and tests in detect...
2021-03-10 Kostya Shishkovcinepak: codebooks should be per strip
2021-03-06 Kostya Shishkovsvq1: inter mode uses wraparound instead of clamping
2021-02-24 Kostya Shishkovgdv: decode 16-bit video
2021-02-24 Kostya Shishkovgdv: recognize 16-bit video streams
2021-02-14 Kostya ShishkovFable IMAX video support
2021-01-23 Kostya ShishkovFutureVision game formats support
2021-01-04 Kostya Shishkovmov: support segmented files
2020-12-31 Kostya Shishkovclearvideo: support overlapping mode
2020-12-25 Kostya Shishkovape: fix decoding of large value in 3.91-3.98
2020-12-23 Kostya Shishkovcore/soundcvt: fix u8->i16 test
2020-12-23 Kostya Shishkovcore/soundcvt: clip output in f32->i32 conversion
2020-12-22 Kostya Shishkovvivo: switch MD5-based tests
2020-12-22 Kostya Shishkovvivo: fix reconstruction and flag parsing
2020-12-22 Kostya Shishkovcodec_support/h263: pred_quant mode implies that AC...
2020-12-20 Kostya Shishkovallstuff: register nihav-vivo crate
2020-12-20 Kostya Shishkovvivo: improve decoding
2020-12-20 Kostya Shishkovcodec_support/h263: add intra block reconstruction...
2020-12-20 Kostya Shishkovcodec_support/h263: add IDCT from Annex W
2020-12-16 Kostya Shishkovaac: issue a warning instead of an error on window...
2020-12-16 Kostya Shishkovfix or silence clippy warnings
2020-12-15 Kostya Shishkovmov: improve audio seeking (hopefully)
2020-12-15 Kostya Shishkovh264: split out main chroma MC cases
2020-12-14 Kostya Shishkovmov: skip common atoms in video codec extradata
2020-12-13 Kostya Shishkovmov: fix track duration rescaling
2020-12-12 Kostya Shishkovmov: parse mdhd chunk
2020-12-12 Kostya Shishkovmostly working ITU H.264 decoder