use new NAFrameRef
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2019-04-29 Kostya Shishkovuse new NAFrameRef
2019-02-16 Kostya Shishkovwrite RGB data properly and from more formats
2019-01-17 Kostya Shishkovadapt to new split crates
2018-12-17 Kostya Shishkovswitch to Rust2018
2018-12-07 Kostya Shishkovfind decoder by stream ID instead of relying on index...
2018-09-11 Kostya Shishkovintroduce various output frame numbering modes and...
2018-09-06 Kostya Shishkovfix lastpts handling
2018-09-06 Kostya Shishkovmisc small improvements
2018-09-05 Kostya Shishkovupdate
2017-06-09 Kostya Shishkovinitial commit